Boston Boatworks Partners with Key Dealers to Sell its New Models

At Boston Boatworks we have always prided ourselves at taking care of the boats we have built—and their owners. As we look forward to building our new series of Offshore Express Cruisers, we are pleased to announce our new network of partners that share both our vision for Building Excellence and our passion for taking care of the customer.

Representing our new Offshore Express Cruiser Series will be East Coast Yacht Sales for New England, Flagship Yacht Sales for Long Island Sound, North Point Yacht Sales for the Mid-Atlantic, and Vermillion Yacht Sales for the Midwest.

“Durability is a Boston Boatworks core value. It’s a hallmark of the boats we build and is echoed in the importance we place on the long-term relationships with owners and partners we build along the way. The relationships and friendships derived from a common passion for boats are an essential part of our building excellence approach and continuously advancing the state of the art in everything we do.” said company founder & CEO Scott Smith. “To that end, we’ve spent a tremendous amount of time speaking to potential dealers and we’re excited to announce our team of knowledgeable partners to sell and service the BB44 and BB52. They are all known as experts in their region, and for their focus on relationship building as part of the sales transaction process. We know them all to be tremendous owner advocates at every stage of dreaming, researching, specifying, building, commissioning and operating boats. I am excited to be working with this trusted team representing our brand.”

“It is essential for us to ensure our sales partners have the same hyper-focused customer outlook that we do,” said Ed Roberts, Boston Boatworks’ Director of Sales. “They in turn expect a lot from us as a builder, and it is at this intersection of a customer centric approach where we’ve created a foundation for mutual success.”

“For the last two decades, we’ve built and delivered numerous boats with Boston Boatworks, crafting countless unforgettable moments”, said Ken Comerford, owner and president of Annapolis, Maryland-based North Point Yacht Sales. “All of us are eagerly anticipating our return to selling and collaborating with this esteemed and cherished builder. Our enthusiasm is high as we prepare to introduce and champion the new line of Boston Boatworks Offshore Express Cruisers designed by Doug Zurn, expertly crafted with the enduring expertise synonymous with their legacy. We look forward to creating many new client relationships and providing the best customer experience in the industry.”

Ben Knowles, president and owner of East Coast Yachts Sales, echoed this sentiment. “East Coast Yacht Sales is thrilled to be a part of the team that Boston Boatworks has assembled,” he said. “The marriage between Boston Boatworks, Zurn Yacht Design, and Winch Design is an exciting combination of boat building prowess, advanced hull design and sophisticated interior styling.”