On our best days, people bring us unique challenges.

“We need a fleet of custom, fuel-efficient, coast-guard certified luxury shuttles for our resort.”

“Make the hull lighter and stronger so I can use a smaller engine that is more fuel efficient.”

“My dad has mobility problems, but really wants to get out on the water.”

“We need lightweight, fast, fuel-efficient superyacht tenders for our research expeditions.”

“I need to be able to dock the boat in tight quarters – by myself.”

“I want to win the America’s Cup and that World Championship.”

Our Story

For more than two decades, Boston Boatworks has been focused on building the best. Using advanced composite materials and methods, we have been leading the industry towards building boats that are faster, stronger, lighter, more durable and more fun. High performance is a constant in all Boston Boatworks projects. Owners define what high performance means to them, and we make it happen.

Our greatest resource has always been our talented team. We love what we do. By combining this passion with the customer’s vision, we can create something uniquely suited to how our customer enjoys time on the water.

Experience and willingness to try new materials and methods are key. Not everything new is better, but we like to explore the possibilities! We ask questions (lots of them), innovate, collaborate, learn, teach, challenge ourselves, and together build amazing boats.

We build boats with friends. We are proud of our long-term relationships with employees, customers, designers, and vendors. We celebrate decades of working together, even repeating the build process multiple times with returning customers. Listening and learning from our friends is one of the joys of this business and critical to our success.

To dedicated boatbuilders, innovative designers, avid boaters and all others who value excellence: we invite you to come build with us.

NYYC J Boat Worlds 2017
Photo © Dan Nerney
Scott Smith, Boston Boatworks Owner and CEO

The Boston BoatWorks Difference

Boston Boatworks, LLC was founded by Mark Lindsay, Scott Smith, and Geoff Berger in 1996 to bring the high-tech composites skills and 20-year experience of Lindsay Boatbuilders to a broader market. Based on our legacy of building breakthrough winners of world championships, Olympic gold medals, and the America’s Cup, Boston Boatworks is known for delivering innovation, durability and high performance. We have been sought out by customers who envision products that don’t yet exist, and realize them with resounding success. Our passion is building the best performance boats for knowledgeable customers, using leading edge methods, and highest quality craftsmanship and materials. We understand that in order to create that incredible experience on the water for our customers, everything that goes into a Boston Boatworks’ built boat, tangible or intangible, matters.

leading-edge methods

Boston Boatworks’ composite competencies include wet-preg/vacuum-bagged/post-cured construction, resin infusion, VARTM, core thermo-forming, high-temp pre-preg custom components, foil optimization and fairing. We are experienced in project management, application of composite and custom fabrication techniques to provide solutions that customers love, collaborative design and engineering, and ongoing support for customers’ enjoyment of their time on the water. The addition of yacht systems, electronics, carpentry and finish broadened our offering beyond race boats to include blue-water performance cruising sailboats and luxury express cruiser powerboats. Non-marine applications have included composite wind and hydro-kinetic turbines. Our products are built to accommodate demanding requirements and maintain their strength, integrity, and value. 

world-class boats and partnerships

We’re honored and excited to currently be building the Barton & Gray Mariner Club‘s innovative new Daychaser 48.  Combining Boston Boatworks’ 25 years of experience building best-in-class boats using high-tech construction techniques with Barton & Gray’s exclusive ability to offer their members unforgettable experiences in unforgettable destinations is a perfect match. Building this new design in collaboration with Barton & Gray Mariner’s Club and Zurn Yacht Design takes advantage of our shared passion, commitment, and unique abilities to help our customers and friends experience the unparalleled joy, relaxation and escape of the boating lifestyle.  

In 2019, Boston Boatworks built four commercial, coast-guard certified, 35-passenger luxury shuttles for the Encore Boston Harbor Resort. This project created a unique local collaboration between Encore Resort (owner), Boston Boatworks (builder), Zurn Yacht Design (designer), and Bay State Cruises (shuttle operators). By introducing faster, more comfortable, more reliable and more fuel efficient harbor transportation, Boston commuters are beginning to look at the harbor as a convenient conveyance rather than as a barrier. 

built in Boston

Boston Boatworks operates from a modern, purpose-built composite boat building shop in the maritime zone of Boston’s inner harbor. We have highly skilled, experienced, process-driven teams dedicated to laminating, mechanical/electrical assembly, yacht carpentry, yacht finish, quality assurance, safety and compliance, customer care, sales support, manufacturing engineering support, product development engineering, yacht service, and business management. Boston is a vibrant and diverse coastal city that offers access to world class education, technology, research, health care, and cultural offerings. As a result, we are able to recruit and retain our highly skilled and trained team members, and benefit from Boston’s rich resources.

building lasting relationships

Boston Boatworks’ vision for success has always been measured by the relationships we build and value we create for our constituents, including our customers, designers, employees, dealers, industry collaborators, and community. Our passion is sharing the experience of building excellence and providing highest quality customer care. We invite you to join us in that experience! 

Mark Lindsay, Boston Boatworks Co-Founder (July 22, 1944 - September 6, 2019)

Mark Lindsay's Legacy

The Boston Boatworks team is proud to continue Mark Lindsay’s legacy of building high performance boats. Mark was a groundbreaker in the world of building fast, light-weight, strong composite boats. He was a highly successful competitor on and off the race course, as well as  an accomplished artist with an eye for exquisite beauty. He was thoughtful, curious, and fun. He was our dearest friend and mentor. 

For over two decades, Mark taught us his unique processes to ensure consistency in building highest quality and performance. He taught us how to be our best, to be curious, to innovate, to take time to listen, and to appreciate and learn from one another. The words he imparted to us were “be hopeful, be grateful, be joyful, be present.” 

Thank you, Mark.