Boston BoatWorks Owner Update

Boston BoatWorks Owner Update

Dear Friends,

On March 15, due to COVID19, we temporarily closed our factory and furloughed our beloved team of boatbuilders. We’re doing all that we can to keep our team protected and intact, while preparing for our return as soon as we can. We wish you and your families health and comfort during this challenging time.

We’re all in this together!

In the meantime, please check back soon! In addition to posting updates about when we hope to return to doing what we love most—building boats! We’ll also be posting regular “builder profiles” so you can get to know the craftsmen (and women!) who make Boston BoatWorks great, owner reviews on the boats we’ve built and plenty of previews of things to come.

We’ve only paused production. In fact, we truly believe we are all going to come out of this current situation stronger than ever.


Scott Smith, CEO & Owner