Composite Laminating

What we do

One of the most unique things about our boats is the laminating process. Very few companies can do what we do, and even fewer have the depth and range of experience that we offer. For over 25 years, we have been distilling the best techniques from the aerospace, composites, and marine industries. Many of our composite laminating team members have been with us for years, continuing to refine and develop our technologies. With pre-impregnated cloth, we begin with materials that deliver stiffness and durability at a light weight. Our processes were developed for the most demanding clients, including America’s Cup and Olympic competitors. We continue to develop our decades of composite expertise through continuous collaboration with our established network of industry experts, designers, engineers and suppliers. We have invested in custom epoxy impregnating machines that meet our exacting specifications, as well as a purpose-built 35,000 sq. ft. plant, created to accommodate our laminating and curing methods which include:

  • Vinylester & Epoxy Resin Infusion
  • Epoxy Prepreg Vacuum bagged layup
  • Tooling & Mold Construction
  • VARTM Lamination