Boston BoatWorks’s Second Production Shift Allows Us To Build Better, Smarter And Faster Boats Ahead Of Schedule

Boston BoatWorks’s Second Production Shift Allows Us To Build Better, Smarter And Faster Boats Ahead Of Schedule

Now in our 25th year of building excellence, we’ve always taken great pride in our highly skilled production teams’ ability to build the best yachts in the world. And our “attitude of excellence” is apparent in everything (laminating, mechanical and electrical assembly, finish carpentry, quality control, safety and compliance, customer care, sales support, engineering, product development and business management) we do.

It’s so great to be able to building boat ahead of schedule!

So, when Covid19 hit last spring, we not only committed to doing everything we could to protect the health of our boatbuilders and their families by shutting production down before we were required to shut down. We also committed to innovating every element of our production processs so we would come back even stronger once restrictions on manufacturing eased.

Thanks to our second shift, we’re now building our “green” epoxy boats ahead of schedule.

In fact, thanks to the character and skill of our dedicated workforce and the systems we devised during the shutdown and implemented as soon as they returned to the shop, we are now building boats AHEAD of schedule. This is due to our tightknit team’s willingness to adopt rigorous safety protocols including splitting our entire production team into two shifts to facilitate better social distancing in the shop.

And the best part is, not only is the production line now humming along for 21 hours per day and allowing us to do things on the shop floor in one day that used to take two! Even considering the adjustments needed in their personal lives, our team loves the added flexibility and benefits they get with our new production schedule so much, we never want to go back to the old schedule.

And since Boston BoatWorks’ vision for success has always been measured by the relationships we build and value we create for our community–our customers, designers, employees, dealers, industry collaborators–we’ve turned a potential setback into an opportunity to learn, grow, improve and thrive.

Thank you for building boats with us!

Thank you for building boats with us! We’re going to keep innovating. And we’re going to continue to meet aggressive production schedules because our customers are worth it!