Boat Builder Profile: Margarita Esteban
Margarita Esteban (in the pink respirator) is an engineer who loves being on the shop floor.

Boat Builder Profile: Margarita Esteban

[Note: This is the second boat builder profile for our ongoing series that shows how passionate, dedicated and talented our team is at building some of the best boats in the world!]

BBW’s manufacturing engineer Margarita Esteban grew up surrounded by the sea on the Spanish island of Majorca, and she knew she wanted to work on yachts since she was 18 years old.

“When I was in school,” she said recently, “I got a job at a shipyard in Majorca that serviced superyachts. I loved the experience so much, I decided to go to Southampton to my masters in naval architecture.”

She got married shortly after graduating. And since her husband was in a graduate program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she ended up living in Cambridge, Massachusetts—not necessarily the hub of yacht building and design that Southampton is.

But that’s just another reason why we are so proud to build boats on the Boston waterfront. Our proximity to several of the most prestigious colleges in the world affords BBW easy access to a diverse and highly educated workforce that’s capable of engineering and building the best.

“I’d just arrived” she continues. “And I was really hoping to work in a shipyard, like I had back in Majorca, because I really loved working with the people that worked on the boats. 

“My work as an engineer is mainly focused on improving our manufacturing processes to achieve the maximum possible quality. I constantly do research and develop new methodologies and techniques to improve the quality of our boats, from laminating procedures to the top quality materials and systems.

“As a engineer, I wanted to be involved with yacht production because sometimes designers work on an office but you don’t actually touch boats too often. One of the many things I really love about my job at BBW is the frequent interaction I get have with people in the shop. Every day is different. Every day is a chance for us to come up with new solutions—and solve problems too—in real time!

“I also love working with a like-minded people who are as obsessed with quality as I am! For example, we paint the backs of every hatch and the interior of every locker, and we are constantly looking to do it better. How do we sand each piece? How many layers of  finish paint are required, etc.. This just a small example but it shows how much thought goes into every detail on every boat we build.

I’m constantly looking at materials too. For instance, I’ve been working this week (from home!) to see if a new material could be a good alternative to aluminum and other materials we use for backing plates. It’s reported to be strong and noncorrosive material that can drill and tap it too.”

It comes as no surprise that Margarita reports that the people are what makes the boats BBW build so special. But it’s more than just being part of a detail-oriented team. She loves the bonding she has with the guys on the floor. “They feel like family,” she says. 

“It’s great that we all work towards a common objective, which is achieving the maximum product quality. But I also love BBW’s diversity. We work with  people from all over the US and the world including: Vietnam, Cambodia, Brazil. I’m from Spain, and there’s other tons of countries too. And we all share experiences and knowledge from each other. 

But maybe the best indication of Margarita’s dedication is what she tells her Mom back in Majorca. “I talk to my mom every morning,” she says, “and I tell her I can’t believe I get paid for what I’m doing! I just feel so lucky to work at BBW and, I can wait to get back building boats with the team.”

“We’ve kept in touch during these days we’ve had to stay home away from the shop. But it’s not the same as being there. I can’t wait to get back. I really enjoy going to work and what I do. 

“Also, when you enjoy your work, and the people you work with, it shows in the quality of the product.” 

And that’s just one of the many reasons BBW-built boats are special. Margarita cares about quality as much as she cares about her BBW “family.” And it shows.