Boat Builder Profile: Jason Krivelow

Boat Builder Profile: Jason Krivelow

BBW’s facilities manager Jason Krivelow’s path to becoming a member of the BBW team is actually pretty…dramatic.

“Before I started at BBW, I’d just graduated cabinet and furniture making school at the North Bennet Street School in the North End of Boston,” Krivelow said recently.

“I’d decided to go back to school because I’d been building scenery for live theater for about 10 years and I wanted a change. Building sets was killing me because I’d build something for months and months that would get used for two weeks and then get torn down and thrown away. I wanted to learn to make something that would last a lifetime, like our boats do.”

And while the North Bennet Street school may not teach “boat building” per se, the school’s dedication to the “Sloyd” method of teaching that focuses on “the development of character, intellectual capacity, and hand skills, which includes an understanding of tools, materials, and processes and encourages a great sense of care and a commitment to excellence,” is exact the same philosophy we here at BBW ascribe too.

However, Krivelow didn’t apply to work at BBW right after he graduated. “People from BBW had come to the school to do an information session, but I really wanted to be a studio furniture maker like everyone does when they leave there.”

But he soon realized that building boats was perfect for him because he’d developed a wide range of skills. “When you build sets you’re not just a wood worker. You’re also a metal worker and you’re also a rigger,” he explains. “All those skills translate pretty nicely to building boats.” And now that he moved up to be BBW’s facilities manager, having a wide range of skills is even more important

North Bennett Street School show alums Jason Krivelow and Brendan Sullivan going on to successful boatbuilding careers on their website.

“I maintain all of our equipment, including our impregnator and every large piece of equipment we use. I handle all of the maintenance from the travel lift and all the forklifts and the hydraulic trailers and all that stuff. And I coordinate the maintenance of the building itself too.

The big BBW shop door may be closed for now. But not for long!

“I love my job because I’m doing something different every day. I can be down on the floor helping someone in the carpentry department or working on a piece of equipment. Then two seconds later, I’ll be up in the office helping someone with a computer issue.”

And as you’d imagine, he’s been busy working with BBW’s safety officer and other team members to get ready to start building boats again.

Our location in downtown Boston gives us easy access to some the best boatbuilding talent in the country.

“We’re coming up with protocols on how many people we want on each boat working, we’re talking about split shifts and that type of stuff. We’re looking into different air filtration and vacuum options to reduce dust as well as coming up with a very comprehensive sanitation procedure for the whole facility.”

We’re eager get back to doing what we love—building boats—as soon as we can. And we’ve got big plans for the future. Stay tuned.