Boat Builder Profile: Epoxy Composite Senior Team Leader Tri Huynh

Boat Builder Profile: Epoxy Composite Senior Team Leader Tri Huynh

The journey our Epoxy Composite Senior Team Leader Tri Huynh took from Vietnam to becoming a high-tech composite boatbuilder and the leader of our laminating department is just one of the many things that make being part of the Boston BoatWorks boatbuilding family special.

Tri moved from Vietnam to Boston in 1993. But unlike some of our team members who start working at Boston BoatWorks shortly after they arrive in Boston (usually because a friend or family member recommends them), Tri didn’t start working at Boston BoatWorks until almost 10 years after he arrived. In fact, he didn’t start building boats until he’d earned a BS degree in in major Power Plant Facility Engineering from the Mass Maritime Academy, and then worked for two years as a field engineer for Emcor Services Northeast.

Tri (circled) poses with his class at the Mass Maritime Academy in 1996.

“I started in Laminating/Repair Department working with my father and brother,” Tri says as we talk about how he got started at Boston Boatworks, and why he still loves coming to work everyday. “With the help of Mark Lindsay and my co-workers, I learned everything I needed to know to build our special style of boats from scratch. They were always helping me to improve my skills.”

And as we learned later, Mark Lindsay was more than just a boss or a mentor for Tri. He (and Scott Smith too) were invited  to Tri’s wedding. And from what we’ve heard from that event, the site of 6’4” tall Mark Lindsay dancing and celebrating with Tri and the other wedding guests was a happy sight to behold! 

“I am so proud to be part of Boston Boat Works,” Tri adds. “For me, Boston Boat Works is more than only a special place to work. I consider Boston Boat Works is my second family. For the over 20 years I’ve worked here, everyone in our company has always treated each other with trust, love, and respect. We resolve to solve the challenges we face and celebrate the success of our new models.”

‘I feel especially fortunate to work with all of my crew members,” says veteran
Boston BoatWorks composite department manager Tri Huynh (blue shirt).

He also takes great pride in his work because…he should! Most of Tri’s team of composite laminators are also from Vietnam and have the well-earned reputation of being the best in the business. But don’t just take our word for it. Nearly all of the hulls and decks they’ve built over the past two decades are still providing their owners with the joy, relaxation and adventure that only spending time on the water with loved ones can provide. In fact, Tri and his team are industry leading composite experts and Tri is often asked to share his expertise with fellow boatbuilders and vendors too.

“I feel especially fortunate to work with all my crew members. They are dedicated and hardworking, so as the leader of the group, I always share my knowledge. That way, we help each other to learn so we always can build the best boat for our customers.”

And Tri’s gratitude and focus on building the best for our customers is something we all share. “I would like to express my gratitude to all our customers as they have been trusting and supporting us throughout the years” he says when asked what he’d like to say to our customers. “Having an opportunity to build great boats for them is a dream come true for us.”

Thank you for building boats with us Tri! We couldn’t say it any better!