BBW’s Year End Message From The Founder

BBW’s Year End Message From The Founder

As I reflect on a year that’s been as rewarding as it has been challenging, I could not be prouder of what our team of passionate boatbuilders have accomplished. We are in our 25thyear in business! We have built over 330 incredible custom and semi-custom boats with our customers! And our solid boatbuilding efforts have supported our employees and customers through another period of unprecedented of pressures which only served to refine what we do and position us for our exciting future.

When COVID19 hit Boston in March, we closed our doors for nine weeks (a week before being mandated by the state to do so) because nothing is more important than keeping our team, customers and vendors safe. And we donated all our PPE to Massachusetts’ first responders because we’re committed to helping our community. Then we got to work learning how to safely navigate our business during a pandemic! 

All our PPE went to first responders in March.

Our engineers, safety and facilities manager, and team leaders developed new COVID safety protocol for our reopening, restructured our production sequence and split our company from one shift to two in order to safely distance our team members. 

The silver lining is…we’re building boats ahead of schedule and our team loves the split shifts. We have taken advantage of our 21-hour workday, with numerous “firsts” in our history, accomplishing in one day what previously took two. And we have not had any COVID transmissions within our facility! 

We are even more productive now!

We are grateful to all our team members for stepping up to take on new responsibilities and challenges of the times (as sailors do when their mates are counting on them), and have celebrated the promotions of key personnel: Raphael Silva to COO; Tom Maher to CFO; Jason Krivelow to Safety and Facilities Manager; Jon Clermont to Director of Customer Care and Service; Edwin Acosta and Hally Navarro to Shop Managers; Jon Degregoris to Customer Care Specialist; and Dan Blahnik to Carpentry Team Leader.

In spite of all the challenges, we delivered 16 extraordinary boats to happy new owners (including some new models, and many first-time custom options) in 2020. Our Customer Care and Service Team found ways to best support our customers so they could enjoy time on the water. In a world that is staying closer to home, we continue to find new ways to ensure that we learn from our customers’ experiences and talk about their visions of what ‘high-performing’ boats mean for them. Thank goodness for zoom, and gyro-stabilized videos -it’s the next best thing to being here!   

We’re known for the innovative, high performing boats we build, using leading edge methods and materials. But what really sets us apart is our application of three simple, universal expressions to everything we do; build the best, build it with friends and have fun doing it. These core company principles attract the meaningful, lasting relationships that we value above all else; with our team members, customers and industry partners. They make for an incomparable culture that thrives on excellence. Boston BoatWorks measures success by the value it creates for all its constituents. The mutual support this generates is the closest thing to a perpetual motion machine that physics allows. 

Thank you for building boats with us! I wish you all a joyful, healthy New Year. 2021 is going to be better than ever! Stay tuned for Boston BoatWorks’ 25th Anniversary in April. A significant milestone and just one more celebration to share with our friends!